SOOO GOOD Cosmetics was born in Los Angeles, CA in 2016. We created an awesome Liquid Lipstick line to compliment all skin tones. We wanted to emphasize how important Lipstick is for every one who enjoys putting makeup on, how important it is to feel pretty and how makeup helps in achieving that.

We also wanted to offer great ingredients with a positive message, because who doesn’t want to feel motivated on the daily?! Our philosophy is simple; feel great about yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself!

Our journey to find the best ingredients was a loooong one; we wanted nothing but the best! We outsourced high and low to find the most exceptional ingredients for the best product ever created! We fell in love with what our Italian friends offered and can honestly say this was a labor of love created by our staff.

Our products are cruelty free made with the best ingredients in Italy. We encourage all of you to use our products and create your own unique looks.


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