There’s a lot of talk in beauty circles about the demise of the “lipstick index,” a phrase coined by Leonard Lauder during the 2001 recession to describe the uptick in lipstick sales because women saw it as an affordable luxury even in times of duress. Has COVID-19 really shattered that concept? For many women, lipstick is often the go-to answer when asked what cosmetic item they can’t live without. There are endless color choices based on their fashion selections and their moods. But moods have been bleak, and women are spending money switching up the patterns of their masks during COVID rather than deciding what lipstick shade they want to wear on their lips. The absence of real-life encounters has left lipstick enthusiasts missing the one thing that used to tie their look together. However, it doesn’t have to be that way…


Read my lips: The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. Don’t let COVID steal your self-expression. If you don’t feel fully dressed without lipstick, why aren’t you wearing it? Shake that complacency. Take a minute and put some on for your next Zoom call. Apply your SOOO GOOD liquid lippies before you put on your mask to do your grocery run. The hydrating matte formulation, once dry, doesn’t transfer. Whether you choose to wear it daily or just to feel special, it’s a small action that can evoke some joy during a very unprecedented time…and we’re here for it.


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